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Onion skinning and keyframes

Touch and hold any of the frames on the film strip to show the onion skinning and keyframe controls. The controls are hidden when you take your finger off the screen.

Keyframes and Onion skinning

Keyframes act as reference frames in your flickbook. For example draw the first and last frame in an animation sequence and set these as keyframes. You can then draw the frames in between with easy reference to the points. To help onion skinning can be enabled for the keyframes.

You can set two keyframes, A and B. Keyframe A is indicated on the film strip by the frame with the red surround, similarly keyframe B by the blue surround. Playback can be restricted to the frames between the keyframes.

Onion skinning shows a faded version of other frames in addition to the content of the current frame. In the screenshot above onion skinning has been enabled for the previous two frame, showing the position of the swimmer in these frames and therefore helping to draw the current frame.

You can onion skin the previous 0, 1 or 2 frames and the future 0, 1 or 2 frames.